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CLP concrete services has a vast experience in maintaining and retrofiting concrete structures. Since 2008, our company has completed a variety of mandates for the M.T.Q (Ministère des Transports du Québec), mostly civil engineering works. We are now offering a vast scope of specialities and services in order to realise your projects and satisfy your needs. Our use of novel techniques and our choice of the highest quality of products allows us to assure you that your project will surpass the required standards and respect your scheduled deadline.

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Pour mieux répondre à l’attente de ses clients, CLP Construction travail sans cesse a développé ses partenaires d’affaires. Ceux-ci permettent de vous offrir un plus large éventail de solutions pour vos problèmes. Et il nous offre, à nous, la possibilité de mieux les relever.

Our mission

Offering a professional experience that exceeds our clients, suppliers and employees expectations by constantly upgrading our execution and management methods and by keeping up-to-date with the forever evolving world of our specialties:

  • - Concrete maintenance and retrofitting
  • - Structural reinforcement
  • -Surface preparation
  • -Protective coatings
  • -Public utilities maintenance and adjustment
  • -Civil engineering works interventions
Our vision

Becoming a reference in our specialties by developing sustainable relationships with our business associates and setting a new standard for what constitutes success in our industry by incarnating our values and desire to:

  • -Offer autonomy to our employees through our support and trainings
  • -Perform while caring for the environment
  • -Innovate in our field of specialty by developing new methods
  • -Offer a complete service of superior quality
Our Values

Integrity : Be it in relationship to our suppliers, clients or labor force, we believe integrity is the key. We firmly believe that any problem, once explained with honesty and understood by both parties, is nothing but a solution waiting to be implemented.

Efficacy : With the help of our tested and established methods, we are assured that we’ll be able to deliver any project we take on. Work done well and in time is our true passion.

Teamwork : Through good communication and knowing well every member of our team, we put the time needed to optimise teamwork in our company.

Engagement: Our team started as a family and we wish it will grow staying the same. We do the necessary so that newcomers in our team feel at home and feel the impact they have on our enterprise by implicating them as much as possible to our decision process. We want our work force to know that their role is important, and we give them the necessary ressources to do so.

Health, security and environment: Up-to-date with new technologies and standards, we have at heart to create safe workplaces. Health, be it mental or physical, isn’t something we are willing to compromise on. Because we love what we do and wish we’ll be able to do it for a long time, we take care of our environment and our people.